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19th July – what will it mean for our tours?

What’s changing?

The Government has announced that most remaining Covid-19 restrictions in England will be lifted from 19th July.  But ministers, scientists and many organisations are stressing a cautious approach, and saying that lifting restrictions does not mean we go back to doing everything as we did before the pandemic.

Some people will be anxious about stepping out again.  Others can’t wait to catch up for lost time.  Both views are understandable, and we want to make sure that no-one feels uncomfortable on any of our tours.

Tours 2 order’s policies

So, what will the changes mean for anything you book with Tours 2 order?  Naturally it will depend on the type of tour (indoors, outdoors, walking, coach group) and the number of participants.  A few things can be guaranteed though.

Our first priority will always be your safety and well-being, and that of your tour guide.  We’re signed up to Visit England’s “We’re good to go” scheme, focussing on safe and responsible guiding.

We will work closely with venues and coach companies to ensure that we are following any protocols they have in place.  For example, if a coach company still chooses to have a half-full coach, that’s fine.  If a venue restricts the number of people at any one time, we’ll work with that.

Our guides will wear masks where required, and always indoors and where the client wants us to.  We would prefer our clients to continue to wear masks in the same circumstances.  We will carry hand sanitiser for personal use, and ask that you do too.  We will remain two metres apart and won’t shake hands upon introduction.  Please ask to see our full risk assessment.

Let’s explore again

We’d love to meet you and show you around.  If you see something you like on these pages, please get in touch and we can discuss what you’d like to do.  Let’s explore together – at your pace.