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Another online talk – An heir and a spare

Hot on the heels of my “anniversaries of 2021” talk I have now finished another one.  “An heir and a spare” is about those princes and princesses who were heir to the throne of England or Britain yet never became king.

The title refers to the expectation of a queen to produce at least two (usually male) children.  The first child would be the heir to the throne, the second would be the spare in case anything happened to his elder brother.

This has happened surprisingly frequently in our history.  This talk looks at the lives of the heirs who did not inherit, and maybe hints at how our history might have changed.  There is more information here:

Like all my talks, this is currently available for online presentation using Zoom.  Please get in touch if you are interested in an online talk now.  Or I will be able to do a live talk to your group when your meetings resume.