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Another live talk coming up

Yes, they will be coming in quick succession now.  Tomorrow afternoon, Saturday 20th February, at 2pm.  I’m giving my talk “An Heir and a Spare” LIVE.  That is, LIVE ON ZOOM.  You can book here:

So, what’s this one about?  It focuses on the monarchs we never had.  We take a look at the princes (and some princesses) who never became king or queen.   There are a surprising number of them in English then British history.  Who is the prince shown in my title picture for instance?  What’s his story?

Early deaths, family disputes and the lack of a clear succession policy all contributed to those who might have expected to inherit the crown but didn’t. Who were they and how might our history have changed if they had ruled?

So book your ticket, take your seat in the comfort of your own home, and log in to find out more.  I look forward to seeing you.