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Moving house during a pandemic

My blogs are usually about places I have visited that trigger some thoughts.  But with the latest Covid-19 restrictions and the current lockdown none of us is able to go anywhere.  Except that I have moved house, so this blog is a bit more personal...

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Plan your next adventure

Today is the first Sunday in Advent, when churches will light Advent candles to signify the start of the Christmas season.  And the 1st December has now become the traditional date to start an Advent calendar. Here at Tours2order we have joined u...

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Basildon Park

Our first summer visit was to Basildon Park.  The house was built for Francis Sykes in the 1770s, and in the 19th century was owned by the Morrison family.  There were various times when the house was abandoned and almost demolished.  But it was u...

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The art of binge-browsing

This may be the first time you have read about binge-browsing. I hope it is; I cannot find another reference to it, so I’m claiming it as my invention. Bingeing – doing something to excess. Therefore, I’m defining binge-browsing as the pract...

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