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Institute of Tourists Guiding

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Baby steps

The road map out of lockdown has begun today, with baby steps.  That's great news; we can tentatively explore again. Getting outdoors is good we are being told.  As professional guides, we are now allowed to guide outdoors up to six people or tw...

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More about Midsomer

It's back - another new Midsomer Murders episode on ITV at 8pm this evening.  Called "The Sting of Death", it's about bees apparently.  Where was this episode filmed I wonder.  I often fail to work out "who did it" but  can usually spot a few loc...

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Fences, hedges and walls

On my daily walks around our village, I have become aware of the vast variety of different ways that people mark their property.  I'm now on the lookout for all these variations. The boundaries fall into four main groups, fences, hedges and walls...

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