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More about Midsomer

It’s back – another new Midsomer Murders episode on ITV at 8pm this evening.  Called “The Sting of Death”, it’s about bees apparently.  Where was this episode filmed I wonder.  I often fail to work out “who did it” but  can usually spot a few locations.

I happened to be driving through various Midsomer villages a couple of days ago.  That is to say – villages where episodes of Midsomer Murders have been filmed.  I tend to think of this part of the Chiltern Hills not as Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire, but as the county of Midsomer.  I’m looking forward to being able to take people around all these places again.  They still seem ripe for a few more murders.

It’s also census day today; our once in a decade event.  I hope all of the the people in Midsomer who will be killed this evening have already completed their census.  Bee prepared.