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MR 04676

The art of binge-browsing

This may be the first time you have read about binge-browsing. I hope it is; I cannot find another reference to it, so I’m claiming it as my invention.

Bingeing – doing something to excess. Therefore, I’m defining binge-browsing as the practice of trawling through lots and lots of web pages, blogs, posts, well beyond the point where you know you ought to stop and do something else.

Covid restrictions have forced us to spend more time at home, and perhaps less time doing the things we like to do. So, we have been dreaming, looking at loads of lovely pictures and descriptions of the world we’d like to explore, and gathering lots of ideas for the time when we can go and do them.

We’re spending lots of time visiting places online and that’s leading to an increased desire go there isn’t it?

Now you are here, have a look at all the great ideas on this website, parts of England that we could help you explore. How about the towns of the Thames Valley – Abingdon, Reading, Henley; walks (hikes) in the Chiltern Hills, along the Kennet and Avon Canal or Windsor Great Park; hidden gems along routes like the Great West Way?

After binge-browsing, I hope we will all be doing more binge-touring. I look forward to meeting you.