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The Thankful Villages

Time flies.  I have been updating my talk, the Thankful Villages of the Great War.  All the men who left these villages to fight in World War One all came back.   Just 56 of them, dotted around England and Wales.  I mentally noted that this year we will be acknowledging 102 years since the end of that war.

I then realised that the  Apollo II moon landing in 1969, 51 years ago, is now closer to the First World War than the present day.  Wow, I remember seeing that as a boy!  Maybe the First World War is not so long ago after all.

At this time of the year I am most often asked for my Thankful Villages talk.  Indeed I am giving it on-line to four groups in the space of a week at the beginning of November.  So it is always fresh in my memory leading up to Remembrance Sunday.  I look forward to having the chance to present it to you too.