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Today is International Tourist Guide Day


“What’s that got to do with the price of bread?” as the saying goes.

Well, as we continue to dream about all the places we would like to visit after lockdown, it might be worth thinking about all those wonderful people out there, worldwide, who just love to show visitors around their favourite places.  As one of Britain’s Blue Badge Guides, I make no apology for including myself in that group.

Most of us have been unable to do much real guiding for the past year, although some have been inventive by doing talks and virtual tours on Zoom and social media.  But maybe, just maybe, we can see a future when we all get out again.

It may be a staycation this year.  But as my grandfather replied when I (aged six) asked him “why haven’t you got a passport Grandad?”, “I don’t need one Graham, I haven’t finished exploring my own country yet”.  He never did go abroad, and at present we don’t need the hassle of doing so.

On International Tourist Guide Day, rather than a staycation in a familar place, think of all the places you don’t know in Britain, and hire a guide to show you around.  Or book an online tour or talk.

The blog picture shows me in Reading Abbey, talking about it to a couple who had visited from eight miles away.  I look forward to seeing you there or online.

And does all this have anything to do with the price of bread?  Not at all – I just like the expression.