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"An heir and a spare" Illustrated Talk

Discover the monarchs we never had in this illustrated talk

What is the story behind "an heir and a spare"?

This talk takes a look at the Princes who never became King.

Early deaths, family disputes and the lack of a clear succession policy all contributed to those who might have expected to inherit the crown but didn’t.

Who were they and how might our history have changed if they had ruled?

What will I find out about the history of our princes?

  • Who argued about the succession?
  • Why did the White Ship disaster matter?
  • Could we really have had a king called Alphonso?
  • What if Henry VIII’s elder brother Arthur had lived?
  • What if Queen Anne’s children had survived?
  • How did Prince Albert Victor die?

These are just some of the royal mysteries that we will unravel in this talk.

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Talk details and schedule

Tickets for this online talk are £8 for a single viewer and £12 for two or more viewers on one screen.  For live talks, or bespoke groups online, please contact us directly.

An heir and a spareDateTimeLengthBooking link
Online via Zoom
Friday 21st May 2021
8pm - 9pm
45 to 60 minutes
Online via Zoom
Thursday 10th June 2021
8pm - 9pm
45 to 60 minutes
Online via Zoom
Wednesday 7th July 2021
8pm - 9pm
45 to 60 minutes
Online via Zoom
Saturday 24th July 2021
8pm - 9pm
45 to 60 minutes
Online via Zoom
Thursday 29th July 2021
8pm - 9pm
45 to 60 minutes

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Qualifications and accreditations

  • Member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding
  • Member of the British Guild of Tourist Guides
  • Blue Badge Guide for South and South East England 2011
  • Blue Badge Guide for South West England 2014
  • Member of Reading UK CIC
  • Member of Midsomer Tours
  • Guiding endorsement for Windsor and Eton
  • Member of Windsor Welcome Tourist Guides Association

Alan Copeland

Whitchurch Camera Club

Graham is a regular visitor to our meetings and his talks are always very popular. He displays a great depth of knowledge of his subject, is very professional and informative in his delivery and his talks are illustrated with superb photography.

Hilary Powley

The Friendship Club

We have enjoyed several of Graham’s talks and they have always been well presented, interesting and entertaining.

Mollie Dunning

Maidenhead Townswomen's Guild

We have had some very interesting talks from Graham. He really enjoys his subjects and passes his interest and knowledge on to his audiences. Our members certainly look forward to the meetings when Graham is giving a talk.

HF Holidays guest

Friendly and relaxed with a good sense of humour.

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