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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, all in one place

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our services. If you still can’t find the answer you’re after, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

Yes, all guides used by Tours 2 order have Public Liability Insurance through the British Guild of Tourist Guides.  Further details are available on request.

We have qualified for Visit England’s “We’re Good to Go” scheme, giving you confidence that we have reviewed all risks and that appropriate safety measures are in place.  Our full risk assessment is available on request.

Yes, we can meet you at a railway station or airport.  We do not use our own transport.  Tours would either be on foot, by public transport or we could arrange to hire a vehicle and professional driver for the tour.  If your group has hired a coach we can meet you at a suitable point. We only ask that the coach has a working microphone.

Each castle and stately home has its own rules regarding guiding.  Many allow Blue Badge Guides to conduct private tours, sometimes with a restriction on the size of the group.  In some places Blue Badge Guides are the only guides allowed, and in other places only local staff are permitted.  We would discuss options with you at the time of booking, and would never promise you a guided tour where the venue does not allow that.

Full payment would be due at least seven days before the tour, unless we have agreed other terms.

We will ask you to check and return a completed booking form, which will include the exact times and content of the tour and payment and contact details.  We would contact you a few days beforehand to make sure that nothing has changed, then meet you at the agreed time and place.

Blue Badge Guides are “Britain’s Best Guides”.  Each qualified Blue Badge Guide has undertaken at least nine to twelve months training for a particular geographic area and has passed eight or more written and practical exams to a professional standard.  The term “Blue Badge Guide” is the recognized indicator of quality within the tourist industry, and is respected worldwide.

Most talks or tours will be with me, Graham Horn.  If I am not available I will, if you wish, try to arrange for another trusted Blue Badge Guide to be your leader.  (Each Blue Badge Guide is self-employed, therefore their terms and conditions may differ slightly).

For a town tour, please wear comfortable shoes and clothing for walking a mile or two.  For a country walk we recommend walking boots and fully waterproof outer clothing.  The weather in England can be unpredictable!

If we have agreed to meet you for a walk or tour we will be there. We might be able to modify it to account for weather conditions.  Only in extreme weather conditions would we cancel a tour, with a full refund.

Most town tours are suitable for wheelchair users or people with disabilities, the challenges occasionally being cobbled streets and steep hills.  Some historic buildings present difficulties, but we would try to find a way to accommodate you.  Country walks are generally not suitable for wheelchair users or those unable to keep up a reasonable walking pace, but please discuss your requirements with us.

A town walk might be anything from an hour to half a day, at a very gentle pace of about one mile per hour (1.5 kilometres per hour).  A country walk could be a couple of hours or all day and will be scheduled at about 2.5 miles per hour (4 kilometres per hour).  Suitable stops would be included.  As with all our walks, you the client sets the agenda.

Each talk or tour is different.  In our quotation we would clearly state inclusions and exclusions.  Typically you or your group would get exclusive use of our time for the agreed duration of the tour.  Extras, for example meals, entrance costs and travel, are usually excluded unless specified, but these can sometimes be arranged.

There is no simple answer to that question.  Each tour or talk will be different and the cost can vary depending on its length, its complexity, the number of participants and what extras are included.  Please let us know what you require and we will give you a prompt quotation.

You can pay using the PayPal link on the website.  Or you could pay by bank transfer (BACS) if you prefer.  Unfortunately we cannot accept credit or debit cards.

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