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World premiere – Reading Abbey 900

A site that is visited during our tours in Reading

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 10th March) at 8pm.  The world premiere of my new talk “Reading Abbey 900”.  Have you ever attended a world premiere before?  Why not book this one here:

This year, being the 900th anniversary of the foundation of Reading Abbey, I have written a talk about the Abbey and the town of Reading, an often overlooked place.  Come and find out why King Henry I founded an abbey here, and its story until the dissolution of the monasteries in the 153os.  Then hear about its subsequent story, and that of Reading.  We’ll discover a few Bs along the way; what’s that all about?  The three Bs, Reading’s famous Victorian industries.

But, we’ll discover some more Bs as well, and, stop press, we have another new B – a Banksy – on the side of Reading Gaol.

I look forward to seeing you online tomorrow.